Qui sommes-nous ?

Roca is a company engaged in the design, production and commercialization of products for the bathroom space, floor and wall tiles for architecture, building and interior design. The company currently has more than 24,000 employees, 85 production plants and is present in over 170 markets in the five continents.

Roca celebrated the centenary of its establishment in 2017, a milestone reserved to very few organizations around the world that shows its capacity to adapt to the transformations that have taken place in the planet in the last century. The key to this path of constant growth is the loyalty to the family values of entrepreneurship, effort and ethics, a wise management and the constant reinvestment of profits.

Since its establishment until today, Roca products have contributed to the improvement of hygiene and quality of life of families. The company has extended this dedication to service and creation of shared value throughout the world, consolidating as a reference in innovation, design and protection of the environment. Today, its products are present in millions of homes in the five continents, as well as in such emblematic spaces as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow or some of the most prestigious international hotels.

Nos valeurs

Our commitment to caring for the environment has inspired different initiatives that, for decades, have been a part of our company’s philosophy not only in the development of products, but also in the way we innovate in our factories and production plants. For this reason, we have developed sustainable technologies and products that allow us to save water and energy in our everyday routines. Along the same lines, we support solidarity initiatives like the We Are Water Foundation, with the aim of contributing to solving the problems derived from the lack of water and sanitation all around the world. At Roca, the integration of sustainable measures in all our processes is one of our key values, and for this reason constant innovation and the respect for the environment have made us a worldwide benchmark.