chaise de restaurant contemporaine / empilable / 100% recyclable / en polypropylène
COSTA BISTROT by Raffaello Galiotto NARDI



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    empilable, 100% recyclable

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    en polypropylène, en fibre de verre

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Eclectic, light-weight, colourful and sparkling.

Orange, lime, red, sky blue ...... a generous 8 colours for the new Costa Bistrot, comfortable outdoor and indoor seats made of fibreglass polypropylene consisting of a single seamless resin tubular body with rounded profiles and corners.

The Costa Bistrot has a lively and dynamic look, the seat is distinguished by slats on the backrest, meaning it can fit in with different styles and tastes, both indoors and out: in any case, it adds an original and fun touch to any setting.

Like all the other Nardi products, Costa Bistrot requires no maintenance at the end of the season; it is produced entirely in Italy and is 100% recyclable. Nardi uses top-quality fibreglass polypropylene with guaranteed performance standards. Containing antistatic and anti-UV additives to protect both the colour and the resin itself. The colour is achieved through batch-dying, resulting in a uniform colour that does not change over time.

The seat is light-weight (3.8kg), easy to handle and stackable (up to 24 chairs).

Design: Raffaello Galiotto

Fibreglass polypropylene with anti-UV treatment and batch-dyed
red, sky blue, coffee, Havana, dove-grey, anthracite and white
49cm wide x seat H. 46.5cm x 54cm deep total height 83cm

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