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Room Darkening Drapery

Knoll Luxe Drapery

Environmental Drapery Fabrics

Vinyl/Type II

Woven Performance Wallcovering

Specialty Wallcovering

Environmental Wallcovering

Wrapped Panel

Crypton Performance Wallcovering

Small Patterns

Large patterns

Solids & Textures

Crypton Treated Upholstery Fabric

Solution Dyed Upholstery

Nano-Tex® Approved Fabrics

Performance Upholstery

Bleach Cleanable Upholstery

Vinyl & Polyurethane Upholstery

Environmental Upholstery

Archival Upholstery

Indoor & Outdoor Upholstery

KT Collection

Knoll Luxe Upholstery


Panel Systems Fabrics

Environmental Panel Fabrics

Knoll Grade 10 and 20 Panel Fabrics

Acoustical Panel Fabrics

Tackable Panel Fabrics

Privacy Curtains

Vinyl/Type II Wallcovering


Environmental Upholstery Fabrics

Environmental Panel Fabrics

Environmental Drapery Fabrics

Environmental Wallcovering

Floral and Organic Patterns

Our Favorite Reds

Best Upholstery Picks For the Home

Best Drapery Picks for the Home

Best Wallcovering Picks for the Home


Custom Drapery

Dorothy Cosonas for Knoll Luxe

SUNO for Knoll Luxe

Rodarte for Knoll Luxe

Proenza Schouler for Knoll Luxe

Knoll Luxe Upholstery Textures and Solids

Knoll Luxe Upholstery Patterns

Knoll Luxe Drapery

The Adjaye Collection