Tous les produits ASI American Specialties Inc


Paper towel dispensers for commercial bathrooms / washrooms

Distributeurs de savon

Baby Changing Stations / Diaper Changing Stations

Toilet Cubicles / Toilet Stalls / Washroom Stalls / Stiles

Lockers and Benches for Locker Rooms

Barres de Maintien

Paper towel dispenser and waste receptacle combination units for public and office bathrooms


Toilet tissue dispensers / holders

Toilet Paper Holders and Waste Receptacle Combination Units

Waste Receptacles / Trash Receptacles

Feminine Hygiene Product Dispensers / Vendors

Feminine Hygiene Disposals

Hospital and Healthcare Accessories - Medicine Cabinets, Bed Pan Holders

Shower Seats for hospital and healthcare facilities and hotels


Hospitality Accessories for Hotel Rooms bathrooms

Shower curtain rods for hotels and hospitals

Towel bars / towel holders for hotel and hospital bathrooms

Facial Tissue Dispensers

Hooks & bumpers for commercial wahsroom doors

Cups Dispensers

Toilet seat cover dispensers



Towel bars, holders & pins

Soap systems

Bathroom Accessories for prisons and security faciliities

Custodial Accessories


Toothbrush and tumbler holder